Category Thursday

  • BBT 2014 Thursday

    Tonight at 8pm

    “The Colonization Application” – Trouble arises when Amy learns Sheldon has applied for a one-way mission to colonize
  • odd couple Thursday

    Tonight at 8:30pm

    “The Birthday Party” – When Oscar realizes he’s forgotten Felix’s birthday, he pulls together a last-minute surprise party
  • BBT 2014 Thursday

    Tonight at 9pm

    “The Clean Room Infiltration” – Leonard and Wolowitz nearly come to blows and turn to Raj for help
  • Mom Thursday

    Tonight at 9:30pm

    “Dirty Money and a Woman Named Mike” – Christy and Bonnie are shocked when they discover how prison
  • VS_Swim Thursday

    Tonight at 10pm

    “For All You Know” – When Holmes is implicated in the murder of a woman who was killed