• the-middle-slider Thursday

    Tonight at 8:00pm

    “The Wisdom Teeth” – Frankie takes care of Sue and Axl after they have their wisdom teeth removed;
  • MIKE_MOLLY_logo Thursday

    Tonight at 8:30pm

    “The Bitter Man and the Sea” – Mike and Molly must rescind Carl’s invitation to their anniversary cruise
  • pawnstars-slider Thursday

    Tonight at 9pm

    “Sweet Pawn of Mine” – Rick and the Old Man are offered a pair of slippers owned by
  • forensic-files-slider Thursday

    Tonight at 9:30pm

    “Cats, Flies and Snapshots” – A young woman goes missing without leaving many clues, but the advanced technology
  • drphil-slider Thursday

    Tonight at 10pm

    “My Ex Is Shaking Me Down for Money After Falsely Accusing Me of a Crime — So Why