• BIG_BANG_slider Thursday

    Tonight at 8:00pm

    “The Meemaw Materialization” – Sheldon’s thrilled when his Meemaw comes to visit, but his excitement quickly fades when
  • LIFE_IN_PIECES_logo_backplate Thursday

    Tonight at 8:30pm

    “Soccer Gigi TV Mikey” – When Joan’s freewheeling nephew, Mikey (Greg Grunberg), comes for a visit, the family
  • MOM_logo slider Thursday

    Tonight at 9pm

    “Quaaludes and Crackerjack” – In order to avoid her ex-boyfriend, Bonnie drags Christy to a new AA meeting,
  • ANGEL_FROM_HELL_logo Thursday

    Tonight at 9:30pm

    “Soulmates” – Amy’s plan to get Allison to stop caring about “looking stupid” backfires when Allison makes a
  • ELEMENTARY_slider Thursday

    Tonight at 10pm

    “Down Where the Dead Delight” – Holmes and Watson must search for a killer without any physical evidence