Category Thursday

  • BBT 2014 Thursday

    Tonight at 8pm

    “The Space Probe Disintegration” – Wolowitz tries to distract Raj, who is anxiously awaiting data from a space
  • odd couple Thursday

    Tonight at 8:30pm

    “The Ghostwriter” – When Oscar is hired to ghostwrite the autobiography of a retired baseball player, Felix offers
  • Mom Thursday

    Tonight at 9pm

    “Figgy Pudding and the Rapture” – Christy convinces herself that everything is fine even though her family is
  • mike&molly Thursday

    Tonight at 9:30pm

    “To Have and Withhold” – Molly has writer’s block, and she might lose her big advance if she
  • Elementary Thursday

    Tonight at 10pm

    “The Five Orange Pipz” – When Holmes and Watson join forces on a double homicide, Sherlock’s new apprentice,