WILM-TV’s New Transmitter

On Tuesday, September 3rd – 6th WILM-TV is making a few changes… but this change will only affect viewers who watch us with free over-the-air antennas on channel 24.
For viewers who watch WILM-TV on paid subscriptions, such as cable or satellite television or Over the Air Channel 10—nothing changes. You’ll find us right were you always have.

Starting on Tuesday,September 3rd – 6th, if you’re an over-the-air viewer for channel 24, you will need to rescan your television to find WILM.

Don’t forget… startingTuesday, September 3rd – 6th, if you’re not seeing WILM-TV, rescan your television!

For more information about where to find WILM-TV in your area, on cable or satellite click here.
For more information about WILM-TV’s over-the-air signal click here.