WRAL Digital Solutions

In today’s digital landscape, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising. Trying to make your business stand out is tough, making it vital to reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

As a local marketer, this competitive environment can be overwhelming. Let us help.

WRAL Digital Solutions provides a unique platform for all Capitol Broadcasting Company advertisers to geo-target, behaviorally target, retarget and pre-target their target audiences online. We work with advertisers to identify who their audience is, and then craft a plan to effectively reach their audience across WILM-TV.com and a network of premium national websites.


Simply put, it rarely makes sense for a local business to advertise EVERYWHERE. Each business has a geographic footprint they want to focus on, and the CBC Audience Network provides you the ability to place a geo-fence around where your online ads are served.

We can geo-target by state, DMA, city and zip.


Prospects are coming to your website; however, they are not yet ready to commit to being customers. They are shopping around. It is important to keep your business top of mind as they research your competitors. Work with us to build a retargeting campaign to close the loop and funnel more of these prospects back to your site.

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