Contextual Advertising: For example, we may serve you an advertisement for brakes and shocks based on a used car dealer ad you just viewed or a search you’ve made about used cars on one of our Services. This is called “Contextual Advertising” because it is based on the context of how you used a specific Service. We do not collect any Personal Information about you for Contextual Advertising.

First Party Advertising: Advertising that is tailored or personalized based on a history of your use of content and participation in features and activities on our Services (possibly combined with information from our Facebook Fan page or our other social network platforms) over time is based solely on a combination of information that we collect from you – not from your use of other websites or third party services. We may share such information anonymously with our Advertisers in order to measure the effectiveness of ads on our Services, such as how many users opened or acted on a particular ad.

Network Advertising: Information about your use of our Services combined with similar information about your overall Internet usage across different third party websites and online services used to serve tailored and personalized advertising is generally called “Network Advertising.” Multiple third party websites and online services are involved in this personalized advertising process, in essence a “network” of advertising providers. You are served ads based on your demographics (whether you have provided such information voluntarily or such information is estimated based on your Internet usage and search history, transactions, and interests, such as your gender, age, lifestyle, education, home ownership, geographic location, etc.
For advertising that is part of a Network Advertising service, you may see a small symbol symbol attached to a banner ad or other targeted advertising that can be clicked open for information about why and how you are receiving a particular ad. For more information see